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Canadian Law

Canada is controlled by organized system of laws. These laws are created by the government, which is freely chosen by people and operates on the principles of parliament democracy. The basic law of the state is constitution. It establishes governmental and legal system, as well as individual rights and freedoms. There are three levels of government In Canada: federal, provincial and territorial governments, as well as municipal administration.

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Canadian Legislation

Federal Criminal Code is applied all across Canada. In other words, it is the same for all provinces. However, there are two other Civil Codes, related to contracts, wills, transfer of ownership, etc. In Quebec, the laws in these and other related fields are based on the Napoleonic Code of Civil Affairs. In other provinces, these laws are based on British Common Law. There are no in Canada. If you are accused of breaking the law, you can not excuse that you did not know the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

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